One of our strengths that has contributed to our success in establishing a reputation in a niche market is our innate ability to foster excellent relationships with other service providers; particularly with those that make up the four essential pillars of ensuring that the developers’ and owners’ investments remain intact, namely:

Security Operation


Ostensibly the trustees & directors responsibility, but we have been instrumental in identifying areas that Bodies Corporate and Homeowners Associations could look at in establishing other income streams; from the experience we’ve gained operating in these niche markets.


Having successfully operated for 11 years now Furion Security can truly lay claim to the fact that every loyal employee, sincerely holds the company’s slogan – ‘your safety is our business’ uppermost in their minds when expediting their duties and responsibilities to Furion’s many discerning clients.


Estate and facilities management is of paramount importance in contributing to a well-run and maintained development if tenants and new owners are to continually be attracted. Furion’s officers are well versed in making significant contributions to this vital pillar too.


Cleaning and general maintenance (gardens, paintwork, paving etc) are all key elements necessary to keep the investments of developers and owners to ensure an acceptable return. We at Furion perform induction programs of employees of all service providers to facilitate the processes.

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