Furion Security


Our intelligent surveillance system is always on and constantly scans your live camera feeds for behaviour configured as potentially suspicious or threatening. There’s no such thing as a moment of distraction when our AI is on guard.

Our AI intelligent surveillance system has true ‘pre-crime’ capabilities. The system will bring the live footage to the attention of a trained surveillance officer, and if criminal activity is confirmed, or even suspected, our armed response team will immediately be alerted.

Furion Security provides the equipment and does the installation, off-site monitoring using Intelligent Software, and will dispatch the relevant armed reaction in case of identified threats, at an affordable monthly charge. 

Real time alerts directly to your mobile phone. You will get real-time notifications of suspicious activity directly to your mobile phone, where you can watch the live camera feeds. 

Advanced post-incident analysis and reporting.

Post analysis allows for smart search and video synopsis capabilities.

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